Monday, 7 May 2012

Building my creative space / workshop

For the last two months I've been gradually buying tools and equipment to do make things outside of courses and classrooms. First thing I would note: silversmithing is not a cheap hobby! There are loads of necessary bits to buy - but as a beginner you can get away with just the main ones: bench peg, piercing saw, some pliers, mallet, files.

This month I got around to buying the main thing holding me back from using the tools I'd bought so far - a workbench! I ended up going to Ikea and buying their cheapest pine table top and trestle legs. I don't have a wood saw at the moment so for now will have to make do until I can get a semi-circle cut - but the table itself works really well as a cheap option.

My 'workshop' is now all set up in the spare room... luckily we don't have guests staying round very often. The beige carpet is a bit annoying, especially when I drop a tiny piece of silver, but I'm hoping when we get around to buying a house that there will be a suitable place for my bench to move to.
silversmithing workbench / workshop

Close-up of silversmithing tools and workbench
I just received soldering equipment in my latest order, so it's meant I've been able to spend my bank holiday making things at home for the first time. In total so far, I've probably spent around £300 on tools, all from Cookson Gold. My wishlist is still growing though - next I've got to decide between a barrelling machine or a pendant motor - I definitely need something to help with polishing.

I love seeing how other people have set up their workshops / workbenches; whether it's inside or outside, all the equipment built up over the years, etc. I'm really happy with mine at the moment - it's just enough to get me started.

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  1. Hello!! I just found your site, and I am just starting to learn how to silversmith ! I really am interested in rings, earrings and pendants. Would i be able to bounce ideas off you in hopes of learning!? I'm scoping out Rio Grande as i heard that is the best place to get my supplies. I look forward to connecting!



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