Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Design inspiration: Lace theme

Time for some more design inspiration – this time I'm addicted to lace. There are so many different styles and lace patterns to choose from, and when translated into silver or gold, the delicate filigree always looks so beautiful and feminine.

I've picked a few examples of some lovely lace-inspired jewellery designs to spark some thoughts…

Lace inspired jewellery designs by various jewellery designers

Which one is your favourite? I personally love number 3 the best, such a whimsical lace filigree design.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, find your nearest fabric store and get a couple of small samples of different lace they have in stock. Vintage clothes shops are another great source. If you don’t have access to a fabric store, there are lots of great lace patterns to be found online, like this one below...

Lace patterns for jewellery design inspiration
Beautiful lace patterns like this one are easy to find online
Don’t forget to try out some of the creativity techniques in this post to expand on your possible design ideas and create something original.


  1. Number 5 is my favourite, but totally impractical. Would get caught in hair, collar, scarf etc etc!

    Second favourite is number 2, although I'm not sure it's very lacey - it reminds me more of frothy waves :-)

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