Monday, 13 August 2012

Business cards have arrived!

I got some exciting post - my first business cards have arrived! I decided that as I'm planning to launch Spring Jewellery later this year, I should go all official. I designed the card using a few of my jewellery images, plus the photo-editing software on my computer, and ordered from Moo - simple!

Spring Jewellery business cards
Neither website address is up and running yet but hopefully will be soon. My email works though!
Spring Jewellery business cards
Spring Jewellery logo stickers from
I also got these cute stickers to put on packaging
I've gone for a mint green colour for my brand, which I quite like (looks a bit blue in the photos) - what do you think?

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  1. I love them.

    Will you get a website, or will you hijack Etsy or something similar?

    You really make me want to take up something similar! I looked at stain glass for a long time, but silversmithing looks equally as interesting.

  2. Thanks Steph! I'm planning to use Etsy to start, but plan to build a website too ( - nothing there yet).

    You should definitely try silversmithing - it's really enjoyable and pretty rewarding being able to wear stuff you've made! Stained glass is fun too - much cheaper to start with (you can get most of the basic tools for just over £100) and is also quite unusual. I prefer silversmithing because there are just so many more techniques to learn, but it does cost quite a lot to set up at the start (you might find this post interesting)

  3. Space is my major problem at the moment. Although of course once I can afford space I may have no money left to indulge in a hobby :S

    When I talk about stain glass, I'm probably more interested in the leading side, which I think gets quite pricey. Obviously that's going to be quite space consuming too.

    I've read that you've done a few silversmithing courses, have you heard of any good ones recommended in the north-west London area (I'm still in Ricky).

  4. Mmm, space would be an issue for me too if I wasn't living outside London with a spare room.

    So I don't think you need many more tools to do leading - I've done both lead and copper foil. Check out this starter kit - this shop came highly recommended by my tutor in Bath as it was just around the corner in Bristol.

    Not sure about near NW London - London Jewellery School appears to be quite good from lots of sources and has quite a big range of different courses; if you can get to Oxford then definitely book a course with Amy Surman; otherwise, come visit me in Windsor one weekend and I'll happily teach you the basics! I also just found this whilst browsing - no idea if it's any good, mind you.

  5. That's a very generous offer, thank you. I'd love to be a guinea pig if you were thinking about teaching courses in your spare time, but (in that very British way) I'd hate to impose myself on you for a weekend if you weren't going to get much out of it!

    I looked up the London Jewellery School yesterday and they offer lots of choice at acceptable rates. Central Saint Martins also offer an introductory course, although their description doesn't go into great detail. I'll definitely consider Amy Surman as recommendations are important to me, but Oxford is quite a way out!


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