Sunday, 22 July 2012


I've been making lots of cufflinks lately. My friend owns a shop in Woodstock, Oxfordshire - The Cotswold Tailor, and so I've come up with a few solid silver cufflink designs to create samples for the shop. He also owns a tailoring company, so I thought personalised monogrammed cufflinks would be a nice partner to a bespoke suit.

It's also giving me a chance to play with my new stamps... not as easy as I first thought, but annealing is definitely the key! The cufflink fittings are from Cookson Gold.

Once I've finished making these samples, I've got a few more complex design ideas for rings / pendants that I'm looking forward to attempting soon, plus I have a few opals and pretty stones I need to set.

Personalised monogrammed silver cufflinksPersonalised monogrammed silver cufflinksSolid silver union jack cufflinks
 Solid silver union jack cufflinks 


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